Friday, October 31, 2008

Up the Spurs!

Hi guys, not much to report to be honest apart from happy halloween haha, not really my cup of tea though. Bad weather here, has not stopped raining and is really cold which can only be good news for the alps. Looking forward to getting back to training this Monday and getting our new clothes from the team sponsor Colmar. We have 4 days of speed lined up in Pitztal which is a really difficult piste where temperatures hit around -20c at this time of year (that will be nice in full lycra). We are training for 4 day blocks with 3 days off in between, up until the first races at the end of November. You might think that 3 days off sounds a lot but when your training at altitude and getting so close to the season you really need to have 'gas in the tank' (as the Austrians say) when the races start.

Also gonna watch the GP this weekend and hope Lewis can do it, he is another young sportsman that has gone right through and he is a great role model to us all.

Anyway i'm off to the gym now, I'll be in touch over the next few days and let you know how the skiing is going.


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