Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Balance and balancing training and school!

Been studying hard for the last few days as it is really important I do well in my sports qualification for Loughborough college. Obviously I just want to race and carry on with this but you never know what can happen and although I have been successful for the last eight years you still have to do the business every year plus you never know what can happen with serious injuries or accidents. I am also going to start studying for A-Level French and maybe English too. I will have to do it on-line and fit it round my training but it will give me lots of uni points should there ever be a need. I did pretty well with my GCSE's and got some A's and A* which I was pleased with because I have never been to school between December and April and always done home school or the BSA which is great and really helped me with both my racing and school stuff.

I have been in the Gym the last few days as the weather here is rubbish (Snow in the Alps though!) and have been practising my unicycling and juggling. Those two things are not expensive and would make great Christmas presents for any ski racer as they are things that at some time you will probably be asked to do to develop both your balance and coordination. I have been juggling years but certainly wish I had started the one wheel biking thing a long time ago. We recently did a unicycle camp in Austria through the mountains, none of us were great at the beginning but we soon got the hang of it. You can often see lots of the top World Cup guys juggling before a race.

Check out the cool clips from YouTube
Juggling and Unicycling

Oh well, night everyone x

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