Friday, October 17, 2008

travelling home

Just finished my last morning's training and the snow was great, packed the mini bus and now getting dropped off in Imst which is about an hour away, then it's a four and half hour train ride back to Munich airport and finally get home at about 10.30 tonight. Looking forward to some luxury, good food and seeing the family of course. It is great living in France but we have far less of a choice of airlines and airports so usually I fly in and out of London because the Lufthansa flights are much more expensive.It has been a great camp though and I feel I am skiing really solidly in Slalom and have much more strength than last season. I just hope I do not get injured this year like last year I broke my hand twice in the two months pre- season and then in one of my first races, I was skiing really well then too and it really screwed up a big chunk of my season. Oh well fingers crossed, need to go catch the train now.

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