Monday, October 20, 2008

Up Early

Would love to have had a lie in this morning but I have to set the alarm early now every day because I can't afford to miss breakfast or my energy drinks and supplements (LEGAL OF COURSE!)For breakfast I will have a high energy drink with plenty of milk, big bowl of Weetabix, some muffins and eggs. I am also in to green tea at the moment which is meant to be really good for you! I need to go to a couple of gyms later today and find a squat rack and someone who will let me train for free. I can't afford to join a Gym but anyway I am not home enough to warrant paying every month. I get a pass from the British Olympic Association who have nominated me as a future Olympian and get lots of discounts and free entry to most Gyms BUT they all the benefits are in the UK which is not that helpful to me. I am sure we can pitch someone round though, I am going to go out with the old man and also need to find a decent area where we I can do a 45 minute session on my uni-cycle, it is great for your legs and also brilliant for your balance. It's bloody hard though!!! Next I have to learn to juggle whilst riding it as this helps with your peripheral vision. Most skiers can juggle and uni-cycle but not many can do the two together! At least if the skiing doesn't work out I can get a job in a circus. I then need to do another hour session on the bike but I will do that while I watch a movie because it is just so boring! Oh well off to train...later x

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