Saturday, November 8, 2008

School Work

Hello everybody,

Just in Lofer at the moment which is a small town outside of Salzburg in Austria. During the winter this is our main base where we train out of and travel from. It is owned by the British Olympic Organisation and is the nearest thing we have to home and a place to keep all our equipment. We are having the weekend off but it's not quite as i planned. Lots of school work for Loughborough which is a bit of a pain but not much i can do about it really and I need to keep all my options open in case of injury. Last weeks training went really well and i'm very happy with my progress over the summer. On Monday we will be skiing on the Kitzteinhorn glacier for 4 days to make up for the lack of speed training last week. We are staying up the mountain in a small hostel (haha) with no real civilization which should be great fun! The reason for this is that we can get up earlier and train before the public start skiing and then can finish early and hang about all day!!

Well i'm off to watch X Factor now but i will be in touch


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