Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Kit and high winds!

Not a great photo but I hope it gives everyone a quick look at the new kit we got last night. Skiing was a bit if a let down today with poor conditions and very strong wind. Up to 130km/h expected tonight which should be fun!!!!! Apart from that, all is good and the new clothing is really nice and warm luckily enough ! It is good to be back with the boys and everyone is here apart from Nick Robinson who is still injured. I hope he gets fit and back soon.

It is meant to be a four day speed camp but we often have to work with the weather so will be training giant slalom tomorrow (because certain lifts are not open for speed training) which suits me down to the ground as to be honest as that is always my preferred discipline.

I know this may be a short message, I'm on my phone which is a serious mission to type as well as spell words correctly so excuse me for any grammar issues.

Bye for now

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Alessis Thomas-Jackson said...

Hi Harry
New kit looks good.

I know Pitztal is dull but it was the first place I raced on snow at - the British Alpine Champs was held there and Jamie Miles won the Juniors!!! I was 6 years old and in my first year as a mini...so long ago..there's a really great hotel there with a pool n sauna etc - i blagged my way in there...

Good Luck for the coming weeks
see ya
Alessia xxx