Friday, November 14, 2008

Back at Base

Hello everybody,
We just got back to Lofer today after an interesting week. We skied a single session of slalom today which went really well. Last season slalom was probably my worst discipline and now it seems to be one of my best which i honestly did not expect to happen. If I stay in I usually have always managed to be fast and have won quite a few Championships along the way but last year I was constantly crashing out of races, but now things seem to be a lot more consistent which is great. Yesterday we were doing dryland training in the gymnastics hall (up the mountain) and one of the guys fell and hurt his ankle pretty bad. We all thought he had broken it because of his instant reaction but it turned out it is just ligament damage and he should be ok within a couple of days which is a relief, our main concern though was how we were going to get him off the mountain if he needed hospital treatment (lifts were closed) so all in all we were quite lucky.

I'm just going to be resting over the next couple of days and maybe go to the gym a couple of times.. And watching the draw for the Carling Cup. Come on Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch you soon

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Hello Harry
Glad to read that you're happy with your slalom training at the moment. Hope whoever has done their ankle in is ok. Good job it wasn't broken.
Have you had chance to see Rocket Ryding yet?