Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hi everybody,

Chinese internet has really slowed me down with the blogging and i'm sorry. I'm having a great time out here and it really has been an experience to remember. The SG and DH races actually went pretty well and i made results in both which i am happy about. Sadly i crashed out of my best event yesterday which is really gutting. Tomorrow i am racing Slalom and then heading over to Harbin before our 5am flight back to Beijing then the UK. I trained SL today which was cool just to get into the rhythm and get the feet moving again. 

It really is different out here, the way of life and the people are so cool. Everybody is so friendly and helpful and there is even a 500 man army here to ensure the safety haha. That is not a joke. There is an all you can eat buffet full of chinese food which i love and an immense spa. Not really what we are used to when we are on the road so its a nice change. And everything is so cheap. We bought a huge cake made fresh with icing and the trimmings for £3. I don't know if any of the races so far have been on european tv, but the second run of tomorrow's Slalom is being broadcasted at 10.30 UK time or 11.30 European time on Eurosport 2. Keep your eyes open. 

Tomorrow night we will probably grab some drinks in Harbin and visit the ice festival which is supposed to be incredible then back to Europe for a few days and my theory then over to Austria again.

See ya


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Good Luck with the rest of the China trip. Is your hand fully recovered now? Hope you post some photos of the ice festival Harry. It's amazing what some people can do with a block of ice! Going to try and see if we can spot you on the Eurosport.