Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good Results

Hi everybody,

I raced in Slovenia over the last couple of days which actually went really well. I scored a couple of 50's not sure exactly what yet which is my best result in slalom by a long way. The hand seems to be holding up well and was not causing many problems. I have a day off tomorrow then a days training before i travel to the UK to get my VISA sorted out for China, so it seems like some form has arrived at the right time. Yesterday was not amazing because i was still trying to find my rythm in a slalom course to be honest but today i had a much better first run and finally put two runs together. It was pouring of rain today and really warm so the organizers salted the course to give everybody the best possible opportunity which ended up being a great move.

I just lost at poker and am gonna watch some t.v

Speak soon

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