Monday, December 1, 2008

Its a tough sport for sure

Hi everybody,
Today was not so good as I crashed out towards the end of my first run which was pretty thin snow to be honest. Gave myself a bad dead leg which is causing a bit of a dilemma for tomorrow but I'm hopeful I will be able to race somehow. The good news is that my coach said it is the best he has seen me ski slalom which is positive. Just going to keep my chin up and wait for the results to come, I'm sure they will, it's a long road of ups and downs but I still love it despite the crashes. Jack and Scott also crashed out plus the Europa cup race has been postponed till Thursday so Pete and TJ are racing here with me tomorrow.
I will let you know how tomorrow goes anyway.

Harry Brown

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Hi Harry
How's your knee? We saw the results today and we're sending you our best wishes. Is the snow not so good as we notice the Super G races have been cancelled? Good Luck for your next races and Go for it Harry!
All the Best.