Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Average day

Today was a tough day training. Felt like i was skiing pretty well but the times were not reflecting it to be honest which is always disappointing. I'm not too worried though as i know that the form is there and i have been skiing fast all summer, so i'm just going to keep cool and be patient. One day bad training is hardly worth panicking over! Apart from that all is good, just suffering from the wear and tear of skiing in general but they are only little aches and pains and fortunately nothing worse which is sadly unlike one of the girls from our team (Melissa Piper) who broke her leg racing a super g and will be forced onto the sidelines for around 8-9 months. She is due to have an operation today so I wish her luck with that and a speedy recovery. Touch wood i can stay injury free this season.

We have a day off tomorrow followed by a travel day to St. Moritz in Switzerland on the Friday. Lastly, I hope any Arsenal fans out there enjoyed their ever so sweet loss to Burnley yesterday in the Carling Cup and all Spurs fans are relishing tonight's victory against Watford!!!


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